6 Tips to Help You Downsize Your House in SW Florida

6 Tips to Help You Downsize Your House in SW Florida

Downsizing your home can be a daunting task. Here are a few simple tips to help you move forward to downsizing your house in SW Florida.

Allow yourself plenty of time to go through your belongings, taking several weeks instead of trying to handle everything at once. Prepare a list of what you’ll do with the unwanted items. Make a pile for charity donations, garage sale items, family heirloom items to pass down to the younger family members.

Make a Plan

Your downsizing success will rest largely on how well you have planned for it. Set a date to go through your belongings. Start with one room so you don’t get too bogged down. Systematically go through each room one at a time and follow the tips we have outlined below. Repeat this process until you have gone through every room in your home.

Take an Inventory

 Before you start downsizing, take a look at what you have. Will you need it in your new home? Will it fit in the new area? Is it worth moving to the new location? Many people moving from the northern states find that their personal property just doesn’t fit the Florida motif. Considering the cost of moving, it may be better to sell now and buy a replacement in Florida.

Determine Your Lifestyle

Usually, when people downsize it is because they are planning a move. If you are moving into a smaller home, it is important to focus on what your lifestyle in the new space will look like. 

Since you will only want to take what you will need, thinking about your lifestyle will help you determine this. Do you want to move into a smaller home, but plan on traveling and camping? Well, you’ll certainly want to hold onto your camping gear then. Plan on spending your summers at the beach? Keep your beach chairs.

Remember, if you plan on continuing a certain lifestyle, you will want to make sure you have room for the items you will need to enjoy it. 

Hold a Tag Sale

Why not let others pay you to carry away your problems? Having a yard sale can help you downsize your house in [maket_city] while earning you some extra income. Successful sales take planning. Start by putting up signs in strategic locations, You’ll also want to be careful dealing with the public, be sure that strangers cannot access your home while you are busy with the sale. Display similar items together, such as kitchenware with any electronics already plugged in. People won’t buy if they don’t know that it works. Keep things within easy reach by placing them on tables. Hang clothes when possible. Offer a box labeled FREE, you haul. Your trash may be someone else’s treasure.


When the sale is over, just pack up the leftovers and donate them. You’ll get rid of what you no longer need and help others as you downsize your house in [maket_city]. Some charities will come and pick the items up after your sale, saving you the trouble of having to transport them to the donation center. Additionally, you can write off the donation on your taxes.

How about a house UnWarming Party? Charity begins at home, and if you would instead prefer to skip the sale or simply want to help those closest to you, invite your friends and family, set out snacks, and have them go through the items you no longer need and take what they want.

Pay to Take Away

Perhaps you have inherited an unwanted house, and you haven’t the heart to go through the belongings, or you simply have no time to deal with it. Some companies will remove unwanted items for free; however, there are limitations to what they will collect in most cases. Some companies will come to your home for a fee, remove unwanted items, and even clean for you to help you downsize your house in [maket_city].  If you are physically limited and are lacking plenty of helping hands, or you got started and find you are not progressing at the rate you expected, it may be time to call in professional help. 

Take a Shortcut

Consider working with SWFL Homes LLC. We make it easy by handling everything for you as you downsize your house in [maket_city]. SWFL Homes LLC has an entire team of professionals waiting to help you with everything from sorting to cleaning, at no charge to you. Contact us at (941) 999-3163 and leave all of your worries behind.

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