How to Know if You Should Refinance or Sell Your House in SW Florida

Many people love their home and neighborhood and are reluctant to move, even though their home is not “right” for them anymore.   If they have lived in the home for a long  time, they may have equity which can be used to update the home to meet their new needs.  We will discuss how to know if you should refinance or sell your house in SW Florida.

Too Much Space

Have you considering remodeling, or were you wondering if you should refinance your house or just sell it?    If you are ready to move into your golden years, selling your house in SW Florida may be a better option for you.   It may be time to downsize instead.   If you’re an empty nester,  the kids have all left home and you find yourself with a large home that is too much to maintain, it might be time to sell.  

Remaining First Mortgage

In order to qualify for refinancing your mortgage, your lender will require you to meet stringent credit criteria.   If you are considering refinancing because of financial distress, you may benefit greatly by selling your house in SW Florida,  especially when a poor credit rating equates to higher interest on loans.   If you have not lived in the home long enough to build a large amount of equity and the new loan total is more than 80% of the current market value for the property, you will likely have to add private mortgage insurance payments.   In general, this fee is added to your loan payment until your balance falls below the 80% mark again.   


If you are already having trouble making your mortgage payments now, and you are wondering if you should refinance or sell, it may be best to sell your house in SW Florida.   By selling the property before any proceedings begin, you can relieve your stress and avoid the unfavorable marks on your credit report for the next seven years.   If you’re  working with a real estate agent,  deduct their commissions and fees as well as any closing costs  from your net proceeds.   Understand that listing in the traditional method, by either a real estate agent or listing your home on your own, does not guarantee a sale and can be quite expensive, no matter the outcome. 

Ready to rest easy at night?  Selling directly  to SWFL Homes LLC may be the best solution.  How you sell your home under these conditions could mean the difference between catastrophic loss and saving your financial future.   SWFL Homes LLC provides you with a guaranteed sale, a quick closing date and a simple, straightforward process.   Their goal is to help solve your problems and  answer any questions or concerns you may have.   SWFL Homes LLC takes the time to listen.   When you’re ready to learn more about  selling your house in SW Florida, call or text SWFL Homes LLC at (941) 999-3163 to learn more about what they can offer you!

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