How To Sell Your Home Fast In SW Florida

Real estate markets fluctuate , especially in SW Florida.  Sometimes markets are really hot and there are so many buyers that when sellers will list their home gets snapped up the same day. Sometimes markets are soft and their house might stay on the market for  months without getting any offers!

SW Florida homeowners who are selling their homes in the second kind of market are often surprised and dismayed to discover just how long it can take.

That duration can be disruptive to your life, especially if you have to wait for the sale of your own home in order to buy another home or move out of SW Florida.

Whether you’re choosing to sell your house yourself, or using  a real estate agent, here are some tips to help you sell your house as quickly as possible.

Here’s how to sell your home fast in SW Florida

Capture buyer’s attention

If you plan to list your home with a Realtor, you will need to make sure your Southwest Florida home stand out from the rest of the homes that you’re in competition with.  Florida buyers are a jaded bunch, and they know a good deal when they find one.  So make sure your home shines compared to the others for sale in your neighborhood.  Make your home clean, fresh, bright and cheerful and you’ll surely get a better reaction from local southwest Florida buyers.

Differentiate from the neighbors

Make sure your Southwest Florida home looks good from the outside.  Curb appeal will make a big difference on buyer’s reaction to your home.   Some buyers will look at the outside of a home and decide to “skip that one”.  They don’t want to waste their time.  If the outside looks bad, gosh, what will the inside look like?

Remove the clutter

If you’re serious about selling your southwest Florida home, do yourself a favor and start packing.  Box up the knick-knacks that you don’t need right now and clear out the clutter.  Set aside a corner of a room or the garage to store your packed boxes.  You’ll solve two problems by doing this.  You’ll have some of your moving started and you’ll eliminate the clutter and items around your house that may distract from the awesome features of your house.

Sweeten the deal

You want to sell your home faster in SW Florida? Then learn how to sweeten the deal. You can offer unique terms that will sweeten the pot.   Maybe offer to pay  closing costs or a home warranty for the buyer.   This will attract more attention from those who are hunting for the best house deals in SW Florida.

Market your house everywhere

As you promote your house, be sure to advertise it everywhere you can. Use social media, websites, blogs, video, and anything else you can think of to get the word out about your house. Even if your real estate agent is marketing the property, you should do your own marketing to promote the property too.

Here’s another way to sell your house fast that you might not know about…

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