In the past, when homeowners wanted to sell their homes, there was only one option: list with an agent. But agents cost money.  A 7% commission on a $250,000 sale is $17,500.   

Losing that much of the sales price might be worth it if you have the time to wait for the best possible deal.  If your agent gets you an offer which more than pays for the commission, you come out ahead.

But what if time is of the essence? What if you cannot wait? What if you know that the price you will get will be lower than the best because you simply don’t have the time to wait? How do you walk away with more in your pocket?

Call us! We will pay you less than the best possible price but you will get it quickly, without hassle or headache, without worrying about repairing the problems an inspector finds, without the issues that go along with mortgage banks. Perhaps most importantly, you will have NO REAL ESTATE COMMISSION or other closing costs the typical seller has to pay.  We will pay the attorney costs, title costs, and final closing costs.   We pay quickly and we pay cash.  

An extra five or ten or fifteen thousand in your pocket simply because you chose to sell your home the smart way. Think about it!

If it seems like a no-brainer, that’s because it is. The only thing you have to lose is an invoice for commission at the closing table.