You’ve made the choice to sell. But the house is not in the greatest shape. Maybe you’ve suffered some hurricane damage.  Maybe some mold issues have cropped up.  Or maybe you just haven’t had the financial ability to repair problems as they occurred.

Whatever the reason, the place has issues.

As a result, you know it’s going to be a tough sell. FHA won’t finance it. Mortgage banks will demand repairs before approving a mortgage.   Cash buyers are looking for the best bang for their buck and – let’s face it – this house is anything but the best.

That’s where we come in. We are the answer to your difficulty selling.

When you call us, we do our own due diligence. We don’t need an appraisal. We don’t need an inspector’s report. We know what we’re looking at and we know how to repair the problems and get your hard to sell house ready for the next family for whom it would be perfect.

We will pay you a fair price. You’ll walk away with a decent sum. And the offer we quote you will be what you get. We’ll take this fixer-upper off your hands, pay you a decent price, take care of the repairs and sell it to buyers who will be grateful for a home they can call their own.  Once we’re finished, you’ll be proud to drive by and tell people, “I used to own that house!”