It’s every seller’s nightmare. Your sale is under contract. The appraisals are all done, as are the inspections. The bank has given all necessary approvals.  There are nothing but greenlights ahead of you.

Or, so it seems.

At the last minute, something happens. You may never find out why, but the buyer withdraws from the purchase. Now, your plans are threatened. You have an offer in on another house and your bank will only give you a mortgage if your current house is sold and your mortgage paid off. 

Panic sets in.

What are your choices? Put the house back on the market and hope for a quick sale? Try to convince your bank that you can pay two mortgages? Put off your purchase until you can sell the house you live in? 

None of these options seem palatable or preferable.

Call us. We’ll buy your house quickly. We’ll pay you a fair price and can close within days. You can move forward with your plans. We are not just investors. We are problem solvers. And we can solve your problem when nobody else can or wants to.

All you need to do is give us a call. We will explain how we can help. If you choose to go forward, we will handle the transaction without delay.